I got jumped last night by a bunch of guys....?

Answer I think you should go to a doctor or a Quick Care just to be on the safe side. Use ice for the swelling. You could have a broken nose.

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How to Dress for a Night on the Town (for Guys)?

Looks matter to everyone, there's no denying that. Women, however, have eyes of a hawk when it comes to observing how a guy carries himself through his sense of fashion and hygiene. You don't have ... Read More »

What do you guys think about late night with jimmy fallon?

JIMMY!! MY DUDE~!! jk. im 12. im obsessssesesesssed with his show, ive been in his studio twice, i love him, meh, ive read his book 4 times (impressive for my reading skills) and i plan toi deleted... Read More »

Hi guys. My bf had green sperm to celebrate St Patty's Day but I noticed last night it's still green?

Yes honey it's because he is Irish....It lasts until Easter with those guys

My dog jumped on my ankle...?

If you can walk an it you maybe OK but with your history of that ankle it may need to be seen to.By the time you get this it will either feel better or worse. If it is worse a trip to the Urgent do... Read More »