I got internet a few months ago and it was working fine my vision of window is legal it was working fine ?

Answer no worries, you need to do all your windows updates and it will do a Genuine windows check (or whatever the h*ll they call it). Anyway if your copy is legit this should take care of it, and if it d... Read More »

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Ethernet not working, was working fine but works fine on another computer?

right click on the connection icon on the lower right bottom of desktop near the troubleshoot, and windows will tell you what's going on.It may reset your adapter.Trying using opendns, ... Read More »

Why is my Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter doing this It was working fine for months and now it won't connect?

Check your firewall settings or the settings on any anti virus software you may have. Your software disk could also be damaged which is why it may be seen as a threat. If you re-formatted your com... Read More »

Is hcl me u2 tablet working fine.?

Pardon me if I a m lacking, but why do we need digital TV Everything seems to be working just fine?

No, its just another way to come up with another idea thats going to make somebody money. TV is fine the way it is.