I got contacts, and I can feel air blowing on my eyeballs?

Answer It is just that, when you wore glasses, the lenses were blocking the wind from directly hitting your eyes and you got used to that, now you will need to get used to the feeling of eyeglass lenses n... Read More »

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How come it feel and sounds like there is wind blowing in my ear even if its plugged?

Sure get it checked out, but what you might hear could be the blood that is floating right there and you just got this feeling that the wind is blowing..

What do contacts feel like?

Well Hello Twilight Fan! ^_^ If you put them in right and they fit they should make you feel like well normal eyes!

Why do my eyes feel dry when I take out my contacts?

Could be the type of lenses you wear aren't the best ones for you. They are drawing too much moisture from your eyes. It could also be just the solution you use that isn't doing a good enough job a... Read More »

Do you ever feel on here that some of your 'contacts' aren't what they seem?

I have always had a great sixth sense where people are concerned...the Contacts I am close to (several of them I speak to on the phone and one of them I will be hanging out with this Summer on Kaua... Read More »