I got candle wax in my eye last night, is there any long term damage?

Answer I would not put milk in your eye. I would go to your eye doctor ASAP!! Even if you feel like you got it all out, you may not have. Something invisable to the naked eye could be scratching your l... Read More »

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I think I have long term damage from a football concussion. help?

Im not a Doctor. But this could well be an affect from your recent concussion. Booking an appointment with the dr should be well in order. Chances are you are fine and nothing is seriously wrong. B... Read More »

Does darkening your eyebrows with eyeliner damage them over a long term period?

nope, but instead of eyeliner i would advise the proper brow liner

Can drinking a small can (250ml) of red bull damage you long term?

1 does nothing :) many can but nothing too major

Can getting hairs stuck in your teeth cause long term damage to your teeth?

I'm sure! That's why the whole world should shave.