I got bit by a spider Im feeling funny?

Answer Call 911 and speak to somebody.

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Funny feeling in my private parts?

Its normal response, but you are growing up and you need a friend ... to talk to... not on the computer though... do you have a big sister? a close cousin? your mum? your best friends mum? you need... Read More »

Is a funny feeling in the abdomen an early symptom of pregnancy?

AnswerI don't know. I go for a blood test the day after tomorrow and will know then. I've been having a "funny feeling" too, it's a heaviness and mild twinges... kind of like mild menstrual cramps.... Read More »

Is tightness and a funny feeling in the stomach a symptom of pregnancy?

%DETAILS% Answer With both my previous helthy pregnancies, I had a funny tingling feeling very low in my abdomen. I felt it long before my pregnancies were confirmed. good luck! Answer Yes, it co... Read More »

Upper back sore chest funny feeling?

Go and see a doctor. You can't trust randoms on the internet to give you an accurate diagnosis.