I got bit by a shark. What First Aid should I use?

Answer Why Would You SkateBoard In The Water?

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What Should I Do After a Shark Attacks Me?

Fewer than 100 people are attacked by sharks each year, according to the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA). Most people attacked by sharks survive. However, knowing how to react to a s... Read More »

What is a big shark that is known as a basking shark?

The basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) is also known as the sunfish, sailfish, bone shark and elephant shark. The basking shark is the second-largest shark in the world, measuring 22 to 29 feet lon... Read More »

How many people did the shark kill in the first"Jaws"movie?

"Jaws," released in 1975 and directed by Steven Spielberg, made people afraid to go in the water, as a great white shark terrorizes the island community of Amity, and kills five people. The kill co... Read More »

Should San Diegans order shark next time they go out for seafood?

Is that a joke?I'll bite.Punny, very punny.It is a touch ironic that a retired veterinarian is killed by a wild creature.