I got bit by a Florida crab spider!?

Answer If you are referring to the giant crab spider(huntsman spider) Relax, their venom has little effect on humans. It may itch for the rest of the day. Flower and ground crab spiders, (the little thing... Read More »

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How to Identify a Crab Spider?

Crab spiders (Thomisidae) resemble crabs. Their first four legs extend out to the sides and are longer than the back 4 legs. Crab spiders are almost always found outdoors. They do not make a web bu... Read More »

The Diet of the Spider Crab?

Maja squinado, the European spider crab, lives throughout the European Atlantic Ocean and several countries fish it commercially. It is routinely found as far north as Southwest Ireland, and as far... Read More »

When is Florida stone crab season?

Stone crab season in Florida opens October 15 each year and runs through May 15. Stone crabs can be found along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts but are almost entirely commercially harvested off the s... Read More »

When is stone crab season in Florida?

Florida stone crab season runs from October 15 through May 14, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Only the stone crab's claws are eaten. Harvesting requires removin... Read More »