I got an electric shock last night and am slightly worried about it?

Answer You're probably fine. If it persists, it might be worth talking to a Doctor. The likelihood of it is that the sickness and stomach pain was from shock (not electricity, reaction, scare), and in the... Read More »

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You felt electric shock from washing machine on 16th day of you are there any problem or defects for baby's growth.ELECTRIC SHOCK EFFECTS BABY?

AnswerNo. Highly, highly unlikely. I'm guessing you're talking about a little electro-static shock from the washing machine- nothing at all to worry about.If it was some sort of real electrical sho... Read More »

What happened to my lower back last night Should I be worried?

You pulled a muscle.Do NOT - I repeat DO NOT - do your weightlifting routine until this muscle COMPLETELY HEALS.Meaning - no soreness or tenderness whatsoever. Or you could do irreparable harm to t... Read More »

Worried about night sweats?

Should I be real worried if I left the ceiling light on for about 3.5 hours too long for one night?

The small amount of extra light from the incandescent ceiling bulb will hardly be noticed by the plants. If anything, it probably filled in many wavelengths not present from the HPS lamps. I know... Read More »