I got a wooden splinter in my finger?

Answer If you got it disinfected then it's just sore because of the pain you caused within your finger, like if you bang your elbow, it's sore for a while after wards. It's going to hurt, but it should be... Read More »

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How do I get a splinter out of my finger?

Well it sounds like it's gonna be painful either way. Use sterile tweezers, but I'd say best visit a doctor and let him get it out, he'll at least have local anaesthetic and antibiotics if you need... Read More »

How should I get a splinter out of my finger?

Act like your popping a pimple but to a spilter to squeeze it out

Got a splinter stuck in my finger?

A couple of good suggestions, so far.Here's another: If any part of the splinter is exposed, see if you can get a piece of tape to stick to it. Then, pull it out slowly.

I got a splinter in my finger will i die?

Yes. And since this was asked 3 days ago, I'm going to assume you have already passed.R.I.P.