I got a text message on my phone that tells me to visit

Answer You're receiving the txt message because your phone isn't capable of receiving txt messages. On your PC (not your phone), visit you can download the pic that was ... Read More »

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I have a text message that tells me to go to and enter a code. does anyone know how?

You received a picture message and your phone doesn't support picture messaging so you have to look at it online. Go to that site by clicking here: in your cell ... Read More »

Text Message Interceptor How To Intercept Text Messages From Any Cell Phone?

If you really want to spy on SMS messages, and you don’t have a clue on what text message interceptor software program you should use, then I will tell you exactly what program to use so you can ... Read More »

How to Text Message a Cell Phone?

Commonly referred to as text messaging, SMS (Short Message Service) is a popular means of communication. Users can send and receive text messages on their cell phones as an alternative to placing v... Read More »

How do I text message a cell phone from my PC?

Technology constantly provides us with new ways of sending information between devices. Text messaging has become a ubiquitous method of communication in modern American society. Not only can you s... Read More »