I got a tampon....!?

Answer drag your rear across the floor it may come out ........or get jammed up there more

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How do i get the tampon out!!?

It could be because the tampon is dry especially if you don't have a heavy flow and you only had it in 2 hours. Use the correct absorbency size. You will be okay.

How to get my tampon out):?

If the string is still there, then you should be able to. Just get it wet by taking a bath and slowly ease it out, since this is your first time, and you're not used to taking them out. Squat and s... Read More »

How to Use a Tampon?

Not all girls have someone to talk to when they first get their period. Some parents find it difficult to discuss this subject and so girls have to find other ways to find more information. When yo... Read More »

How do you use a tampon?

It's kind of weird at first, but you get used to it. First of all, you have to relax while you insert it. If your muscles are tensed it will hurt. Put the tip of the tampon into your vagina. Angle ... Read More »