I got a samsung rant and i cant connect to my computer?

Answer I just googled all kind of stuff to figure out how to connect my niece's rant to my computer. All I kept getting was the Found New hardware wizard. Samsung and sprint websites dont show any usb dri... Read More »

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How to Download Music to Samsung Rant From a Computer?

Playing and transporting your favorite digital music on a cell phone allows you to leave the larger portable MP3 player behind at times. Like many other cell phone handsets, the Samsung Rant serves... Read More »

Can the Samsung Rant be used with AT&T?

The Samsung Rant, for the Sprint network, does not work on AT&T's network. The Samsung Rant runs on a CDMA frequency for Sprint, while AT&T runs on a GSM frequency. The two frequencies do not cross... Read More »

How To Fix My Samsung Rant Camera!!?

How do you zoom in the camera for Samsung Rant SPH-M540?

You need to change the Resolution to either High, Medium or Low. If you have it set to 2M or 1.3M the zoom does not work. Once you change the resolution, use the left and right keys to zoom in and... Read More »