I got a question about installing a scanner on Windows 7?

Answer the scanner manufacturers website may have updated W7 drivers, though older models for many manufacturers were never included in the W7 updates. If there are drivers for Vista you can install these... Read More »

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Help installing a primax scanner on windows xp?

Go to: it helped !

Question about Installing Windows XP?

Yes, you certainly can do it. Make sure to follow all the succeeding instructions well.

I have a question i am thinking of switching from an analog scanner to a digital scanner are they worth the mo?

All scanners are digital ...The 'analogue' part is the optics for focussing the image onto the CCD (charge-coupled-device) which is the chip which takes the light values on it and converts this int... Read More »

Need help in installing hp scanner to computer?

You can scan with the built-in feature of Windows operating system called Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) instead of through the HP software. Follow these steps to perform a WIA scan.Make sure that... Read More »