I got a plastic shard stuck in my eye- How do i get it out?

Answer Get thee to the emergency room, you cannot and should not remove that shard or try to remove it yourself. You can scratch your sclera or retina, and this will affect your vision in that eye for th... Read More »

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I have a teensy tiny shard of glass stuck in my toe. I tried to get it out but couldn't. Advice?

Give it to me. I'll suck it out for you, baby.

How to Remove Plastic Wrap Stuck to Metal?

Plastic wrap residue can be one of the hardest substances to remove from metal, especially if the metal is porous. Luckily, there are many ways to remove stubborn plastic wrap residue from all type... Read More »

What will remove sticker goo without damaging the shiney plastic that the sticker was stuck onto?

It's actualt called 'Goo-B-Gone' or something like that. I know its called 'goo be gone' but i dont know how its spelled.

Shard of glass in my forehead !!?