I got a piece of ice under the refridgerator?

Answer The piece of ice will melt and the water will soon evaporate under the heat of the refrigerator

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What does it mean if a piece of real estate is under contract?

The term "under contract" means that the buyer and seller have fully executed a purchase agreement for the piece of real estate. This typically starts the process of due diligence where the buyer a... Read More »

What is the little pimple looking piece of skin under a baby tooth that fell out from a 7 year old?

Paracetamol (acetaminophen) is dosed by weight in small children, but for a child that young you should get the express consent from a doctor since it can affect them differently than older childre... Read More »

I just lost a piece of tooth,what do I do with the chipped off piece?

put it unger the pillow with a note asking for half the amount u normally get as its only half a tooth see what tha fairy has to say lol xxxx

When you take on a project at home is it done piece by piece or do you only choose projects that?

It depends on the size of the project.I always try to divide the project into smaller individual tasks. It is much easier that way.And if I run out of time on a larger project...I can pick it up wi... Read More »