I got a papercut should i go to the hospital?

Answer Listen to your parents. They know best. They probably have experience with this kind of thing. Just don't let it happen again. You never know. If it stopped bleeding, why are you so concerned?

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How to Cure a Papercut?

Thin cuts caused by small, sharp-edged objects are called paper cuts. They usually occur on the fingers and are painful because fingers contain many nerve endings. In addition to paper, these cuts ... Read More »

How to Make a Chinese Papercut?

Papercuts are a form of Chinese folk art where cuts are made into a piece of paper using either scissors or a knife. The patterns vary, though many are for special occasions or seasonal. Because pa... Read More »

I got a serious papercut... I think I saw some blood. How many stitches will I need, and will I get an IV?

Ohhh lucky you! I bet you can get one of those neato morphine drips. It'd be like you were on Jeopardy!"What is MORPHINE!"

Where's the most uncomfortable place that you have gotten a papercut?

I had a tiny paper cut on the second knuckle on my forefinger from the envelope on a Christmas greeting . I cleaned the area well and applied Neosporin. Within a few hours, my finger swelled up, ... Read More »