I got a mosquito bite on my eye!?

Answer Never heard that one b4 that's a first.... I would recommend that you see an Optometrist to ensure no real damage if it's that swollen.. Try some benadril to reduce the reaction and make an appoint... Read More »

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How can I tell the difference between a spider bite and a mosquito bite?

I live on the gulf coast of Texas, so I know a thing or two about mosquitoes and spiders. First all spiders are poisonous. Some just don't affect humans the way they do their prey. A mosquito bite ... Read More »

Spider bite or Mosquito bite PLEASE HELP?

You need to deal with the cause, not the effect,spray your room with a good safe insecticide. Strip your bed, and vacuum it while giving it a good beating to get rid of bugs.

Is this an ant bite or a mosquito bite?

For bug bites, just do this...Turn on a hot water faucet.Put the bug bite under the water for one second or as long as you can take the pain.Dry by patting on a towel or let air dry.

How to Get Rid of a Mosquito Bite?

Ouch!Mosquito bites become annoying, irritable and become big red welts if not treated. These steps will help you get rid of mosquito bites, or at least reduce the swelling in most cases.