I got a knife stuck in my side should i pull it out?

Answer Yes

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Why should we have to pull to the side of the road and stop when a funeral procession is driving by?

Based on some of your other questions, do I detect a streak of sarcasm? *smile* I think everyone just needs to lighten up just a tad.SO okay, let's be clear here. Are you talking about pulling t... Read More »

Should boxed wine come with one of those bendy straws stuck on the side?

no, but i think bendy straws should come with a box of wine.

How to Pull Apart Stuck Photos?

Photos stuck together? Oh no! If you try and pull too hard, you'll probably also pull the image color or print off or create tears. Here is a nifty trick that might help you.

I stuck my penis into a glass bottle and now it's stuck. What should I do?

You will not get it out yourself because the suction will keep it there. You have to go to the hospital and get it off you have no choice. i am sure doctors have seen worse things like men shovin... Read More »