I got a hater on YouTube - what should i do?

Answer Hi DeenTeens (:Yes! Report him immediately for harassment! Don't take this! He obviously has nothing better to do with his life... Pathetic!You also have to realize until the day you leave this ear... Read More »

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What is the best MP3 player and plz dont be like an I-Pod honest?

Creative and Cowon are just two manufactures which create players with great sound quality. Two specific models are:Creative Zen Vision: M (30GB/60GB)Cowon iAudio X5 (20GB/60GB).Along with a good p... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: What do ya'll look like, and about the hater?

Haha, he's been gone for a while so i'm assuming he's already had a panic attack and hopefully died.I've never wished for someone to die but Smith deserves it....if that's his real name. :pYou're s... Read More »

How to Stop Being a Hater?

It's up to you to stop hatingAre you always feeling hate towards other people around you? Do you always find some reason to hate something? Does there always have to be a negative side to everythin... Read More »

How to Irritate a Harry Potter Hater?

Want to make mouthwatering chocolate muffins just like the ones on glossy magazine pages? A rich, moist and chocolate-y delight, these muffins are a sure crowdpleaser. Better yet -- they're fairly ... Read More »