I got a deep cut on my index finger.?

Answer The next time you are in a clean place, take it off and clean it with soap and water, and apply medicine to it, then find the proper bandage for it. If your doctor told you to leave it on disregard... Read More »

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How to Finger Knit With Your Index Finger?

Finger knitting is basically tying knots it can be used when there are no needles around or if you cannot knit.

My ring finger is longer than my index finger?

Is my index finger broken?

You won't know the answer to this unless you go to the hospital and get an xray good luck

His Index finger is GONE!!!?

omg just call the ambulance he might die no pressure just have the phone and be by his side no big deal about the blood just be calm and try to wake him up i hope he's ok. when he is, email me... ... Read More »