I got a cut by a potentially rusted Steel plate, HELP?

Answer Most people think that rust is what can cause tetanus, but it isn't. You need a tetanus shot if the metal was stored outdoors or near animals, because the risk actually comes from contamination fro... Read More »

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Can rusted steel be recycled?

Steel is one of the most recycled metals on Earth. Steel is very valuable and durable and can be used as scrap metal in any condition, even if it is rusted.Source:Scrap Metal

How to Paint Rusted Steel?

If you would like to paint rusted steel, it's necessary to address a few issues before you begin the application process. First, you'll have to contend with the rust and seal it to prevent it from ... Read More »

How to Repair Rusted Steel Brake Lines?

The brake lines on a vehicle can become rusted over time. Wet and damp weather can cause the brake lines to rust because of the metallic components they contain. Once brake lines rust, you must rep... Read More »

How do I remove a rusted steel pipe fitting?

Manual RemovalUse a pipe wrench in each hand; one tightened on the fitting you want to remove and one tightened on the pipe or separate fitting it is threaded onto. Hold one wrench steady to keep b... Read More »