I got a cavity filled five hours ago and my mouth is still really numb?

Answer Depends on what type of anesthetic was used. There are some long acting anesthetics that can last 8-10 hours.If you are still numb in a few hours,call the service to let the doctor know you are sti... Read More »

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I got a cavity filled a week ago and my mouth still hurts?

1. does it hurt when you bit down?If it does then your filling is too high. Your dentist will just take his high speed hand piece & adjust it for you. He will tell you to bite down & you should fee... Read More »

Just had a cavity filled (still numb). When i smile, the left part of my lip is not moving. Is this normal?

Woke up with numbness on right face, still a little numb after 9 hours?

Facial nerve might have been affected.Consult a Neurologist.

I got some cavities filled two months ago and my teeth are still really sensitive?

White fillings?This is one of the problems with them, the bonding agent can be very sensitizing....Silver fillings don't do this..Call back and get this re-done....or change dentists.