I got a camera but it broke. I had already taken a bunch of videos and some of them show where we live if?

Answer If you took your memory card out and it was saved only to your memory card (most likely yes) then you're fine. As long as the memory card is out, no one will be able to see your videos.

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Who Broke Marsha's nose on The Brady Bunch?

It was greg. When he and bobby were playing football, it hit her.

My pictures and videos show up on my camera, but my sd card cannot be read by any other device. What do I do?

Can you please tell me the file extension?I cant help you unless you tell me thatThanks BrianADDED, Have you tried with the camera connected to the PC through a USB cable or are you taking the card... Read More »

Can you report someone for spamming a bunch of videos on youtube?

This shows you how.…

In kindergarten my teacher would show us videos of a woman who knew about words. She Her house was inside a tree and her best friend was a squirrel It was live action not a cartoon Know the name?

Nicky Jonas is 13 years old. Born July 16,1996 in huston Texas.