I got a blood blister on my foot from wearing cleats too much...?

Answer Ouch! Blood blisters are painful. It may not be a bad idea to see your athletic trainer. Just whatever you do, do not pop it. Popped blisters can take more than a week to heal than blisters that ar... Read More »

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How can I heal a blister from my soccer cleats?

Whatever you do, whatever happens to the blister, keep it CLEAN. If it gets infected, you will be out of action for a while.

Injury in foot underneath skin - looks like blood blister, just poked at it and now it has puss coming out of?

It's no biggy, no worries :) just be careful not to get it infected. Pus is created due to the reaction between some counteracting thing in your body to fight the bacteria. Just apply antiseptic cr... Read More »

When do ballplayers start wearing metal cleats?

According to National Federation of State High School Association rules, varsity baseball players are allowed to wear metal cleats. The Georgia Varsity Sports Vent states that cleats are allowed ev... Read More »

How to get rid of a blister on my foot?

If the blister isn't causing any pain, leave it alone. But if it's interfering with your running, you should feel free to "operate" as long as you're careful to avoid infection. Sterilize a razor b... Read More »