I got a bad sunburn what is the best cure?

Answer Solarcaine works wonders for us. My hubby is a redhead thus burns extremely easily in the hot Queensland sun.Also aloe-vera gel... loose fitting clothes.... and make a cup of black tea and put it i... Read More »

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How to cure sunburn?

There is no cure for sunburn. Your best bet is to prevent further damage by using sun protection.

Got a cure for a B-A-D sunburn?

watch for swelling. a few years back, my wife burned her forehead so badly that her skin swelled, nearly shutting her eyes. she ended up going to the doctor, where the prescribed a low dose of st... Read More »

What is your best after sunburn cure?

Take your cute little viking bod and place it in a tub half full of cool water spiked with vinegar.Yes, vinegar will get rid of that nasty sunburn. I know because I used this remedy many times whi... Read More »

How to cure a sunburn overnight?

Dink a lot of water,DO NOT USE LOTION.take a cold bath for about ten minutes and put vinegar in the water,all that should help with the make it less red you need to: put sunblock on the... Read More »