I got a bad paper cut on my eyeball. I need help!?

Answer Please see a Dr right away. It could be a corneal laceration (at least) and this definitely requires medical treatment!Hope by the time you are reading this....that you are better and have already... Read More »

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How do I know if this is a paper cut! NEED HELP FAST PLZ?

pretty sure if you "cut yourself on paper" its a paper cutyes you have all the charastcs of paper cuts... THEY HURT SO SO SO SO SO SO BAD!!!! bandage it.

Need Quick Help With a Paper-Jammed Printer!?

A good general rule for clearing printer jams is to carefully open each plastic cover that you can possibly open, and look closely for any shredded / jammed / misaligned paper. If you find some, s... Read More »

Printer won't print and just feeds paper! Need Help!?

Need help got a tiny paper cut on my little finger what should i do?

Umm well if you find that it really hurts (which paper cuts can) put some cream on it then put a plaster on it and leave it. Take the plaster off when the cut stops hurting to give it some air. It'... Read More »