I got 85% in my 12th to apply for scholarship?

Answer Hi there! hope your college is moving along nicely.Just head to your respective college administration/office.They can help you better as its a different procedure for every university.You will be ... Read More »

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How to Apply for an ESC Scholarship?

The Evergreen Safety Council (ESC) is a non-profit organization that provides safety training to the employees of businesses and organizations in the Pacific Northwest. As part of its mission, the ... Read More »

How to Apply for an Indian Scholarship in the U.S.?

According to the National Center for Job Statistics, only 1 percent of American college students are Native American. There are several special scholarships available for those of Native American ... Read More »

How to Apply for a Palmetto Scholarship?

Established in 1988, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education began to administer the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program. The program was designed to reward high-achieving students, whil... Read More »

What is a university scholarship and how does somebody apply for one?

Scholarship is the pursuit of academic research, whether in the arts and humanities or sciences, and in all such fields means deep mastery of a subject, often through study at institutions of highe... Read More »