I got 200 songs off limewire, will i get fined?

Answer UHH NOO!I have way over 1000..EVERYONE I KNOW USES LIMEWIRE.If they re gonna be fining people, were all screwed.

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If I delete LimeWire from my computer, will all the songs that are on itunes (from LW) be deleted?

You should try consolidating your library. It is a menu option in iTunes, and it copies all of your music foles from whereever they are into the iTunes music folder. You can then delete the ones an... Read More »

After you download songs from limewire into your ipod can you delete them from LimeWire?

Answer yes you can, but is a good idea to keep a back up record of the music you download just in case.!!

Is this legal or will i be fined if stopped?

Um why dont you wait until the wires show. Maybe if your driving down the highway it will blow. Then if we are all lucky you wont kill anyone while you skid out of control. Please. Do us all a favo... Read More »

Is downloading installous on ipod touch 2G cydia illegal will i get fined or something?

Maybe you should think of it as a legal disclaimer...Cydia wasn't created to host hacked AppStore apps. Cydia is a place for programmers to share their work which isn't approved for listing on the... Read More »