I going to quit smoking tomorrow.Have any advice?

Answer I'm quitting right now. I have wanted to quit for good for a long time.. I quit and I started up again. What has worked for me is using the patches and when I have a really bad craving just sprin... Read More »

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I've been smoking for 6 months and I want to quit, any advice?

You may be able to quit after only 6 months, if not, do this. Keep a daily dairy of when you smoked, why you smoked, time of day, stressors etc. Do this for a week, and this way you will see what t... Read More »

What's the best advice you can give to someone who is about to quit smoking?

buy LOTS AND LOTS of gum or hard candy! keep your hands busy!and DONT GIVE UP! quitting suxs...but once you do, its amazing! I'm 1yr smoke free, the smell repulses me now. crazy can do it!

How to quit smoking. Can you give me advice?

The guy above me hit the nail on the head.

How can I quit smoking (Ex-smokers' advice please)?

Be aware of ...- No one can quit if not entirely convinced to do so.- There's no best nor easy way to quit. - Everyone is different in the way they stop smoking. - What worked for someone might not... Read More »