I get this constant spasm in my foot where all my muscles clench up?

Answer Usually it comes from not drinking enough water or not stretching daily so that could be the cause of your foot spasm. Try drinking more water and exercise daily

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How to Massage Interior Foot Muscles?

By the end of the day, most people's feet are worn out and tired. This stress radiates through the rest of your body, making you feel downright drained. Foot massage therapy can fix those kinks. He... Read More »

Im 27 weeks pregnant this is our first baby and im experiencing constant pain in my abdomen it feels as if you at to much is this normal?

Answer yea its normal its false labor i went through it with my pregnancy.

The area of my foot, just below my ankle has been in constant stinging pain when I touch it, for two weeks.?

I have a simple rule with pain.If it persists for more than a day (other than an obvious strain or sprain) without improving, I go to a medical professional to have it looked at. Two days tops.I'd ... Read More »

I often clench my teeth really hard out of frustration and anger; is this bad for my teeth?

It doesn't help. Try biting on something soft like a towel.