I get sick about once a month?

Answer (Hey! I'm 15 too. But I'm a girl) I used to have a few weeks of sneezing fits and runny nose every few months. Turned out that I got chills during fall, winter and spring from rushing between my sc... Read More »

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Calling in sick - First month of job?

I manage people and this is unfortunate but that's all! You're ill and no decent employer wants someone in when they are genuinely poorly, spreading germs around. At my company, you don't get paid... Read More »

I just ate a 3 month old refrigerated pizza will I get sick?

Refrigerated or frozen? I assume if it were in the fridge for that long there would have been mold on it already. If it were in the freezer, you are fine.

Can I get sick from eating 3-month-old ice cream cake?

You would be surprised at how much your mind will factor into this equation. If you aren't sure about it 100 percent in your mind you will run a greater chance of FEELING ill.As stated in another c... Read More »

Is it a pregnancy symptom to not have your menstrual cycle for a month and be sick?

Answeri think that that is a real symptom. if you have had more then 3 of the signs of being preago and you havent had a cyle then if i were yiu i would go get a take home test,if that's a negative... Read More »