I get really wet when I make out with my bf?

Answer It depends. Some girls wetness depends on their level of arousal, the situation etc. Similar to mens hardness. But it is also each person. Some girls just get more wet than others, just like some g... Read More »

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Im vegetarian , Is it really okay to eat meat when im really really hungry during school ?

If you really was a vegetarian who loved animals, you wouldnt want to eat meat! :S Bring in a pack lunch, wait till you get home, have a good breakfast! Your school cant just have rows of meat and ... Read More »

Hi. I've been diagnosed with leukemia, I'm really really really scared. I need word of advice Anybody?

Oh my sorry to hear hun... My friends grandma is in the hospital fighting right now and she is doing so/so. Also my grandma well one had it and hers didn't go real good. I will keep you in my prays... Read More »

How to Stay Calm when the Referees Make a Really Bad Call?

"That wasn't a foul!" Here are a few good steps to help you keep your cool, even though the ref might have just cost your team the game.

How to Deal With Summer when You Really Want to Go Back to School?

The bell rings, students walk past you talking about their summer plans, to you school just stated and you don't want it to end, learn how to cope here