I get really bad headaches often!!...?

Answer Mountain Dew or an energy drink. The caffiene helps headaches. You need to go in and get an MRI though! Frequent headaches aren't a good thing...

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How often do you get headaches?

I get that, those 5 minute pains behind my left eye. It feels like someone is sticking something sharp into my temple and behind my eye and sort of wiggling it about, it's really painful. I do suff... Read More »

I got in a car accident and hit my head, now I'm starting to get really bad headaches.?

YES! that's how Natasha Richardson just died!

Really REALLY bad headaches?

yes go to the dr. it could just be stress but you need to be on the safe side. you may also have developed migraines and regular over the counter meds wont help.Feel better soon hunBREN

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