I get really bad cravings?

Answer You might be pregnant

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How to stop food cravings and binge cravings?

I find that the best thing to do with food cravings is go and busy yourself doing something else as a distraction!

What causes cravings?

Did you drive to McDonald's? I would have... well not to McDonald's because they aren't open 24/7 but I would have gotten a sweet tea elsewhere.

Why am i having Food cravings?

If you're craving salty foods like chips, it's possible you aren't drinking enough water or too much caffeine. If it's the grease you're craving, try increasing your healthy fats like nuts, avocado... Read More »

How to Control Cravings?

If you have ever had major urges to eat chocolate, ice cream, and other fatty foods and have found it hard to curb the craving, you'll know just how hard it is to resist. These cravings can be caus... Read More »