I get on hard alot about the easiest thing y is that?

Answer I used to get on hard a lot about the easiest thing, and also wondered Y that was. I decided to do some research on hard a lot about the easiest thing and found that there were a number of reasons... Read More »

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Is 6gb of hard drive alot?

Not really. Most computers come with 60, 80, 100+gb drives nowadays..

Does hard booting a PC alot ruin the components ?

not really.. they are built for this purpose, most hardware has a typical life expectancy rated in thousands of hours.

Between wifi, wireless, and satellite, which of these types of non-hard wired broadband is easiest to steal in?

"wifi is a modem, wireless is where an antenna is on top of the roof, and satellite is where a round dish is installed on top of the roof"Not only is your knowledge lacking but then you ask for Ill... Read More »

Wikipedia is crap I heard alot of teachers say, and alot won't accept it as a source, has anyone noticed this?

That's interesting because some university academics have no problem citing Wikipedia in their publications.