I get on hard alot about the easiest thing y is that?

Answer I used to get on hard a lot about the easiest thing, and also wondered Y that was. I decided to do some research on hard a lot about the easiest thing and found that there were a number of reasons... Read More »

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Does anyone know about any computer subwoofer that packs alot of bass and watts?

I would say get the Logitech z-2300 system. Its a 2.1 and its subwoofer is a beast. It is THX certified and it is not that expensive either.If you want a 5.1 set up, get the Logitech z-5500.

I spend about 400 dollars yesterday on my sweet 16 party. is that alot does it seem worth it?

Ya,your only 16 once.Compared to mine yours was cheap I went to Australia for 3 weeks for my 16,Try footin' the bill for that!

BEAUTY POLL: What's one thing you dislike about yourself and three things that you do like about yourself?

Dislike: My wide jawsLikes: My dark eyes, my curly black hair, and my curves.

When baking, what is the main thing that sets hard crunchy cookies apart from soft baked?

The fat content is a biggie in making the cookie crispy or chewy. Of course, if you keep anything in the oven too long it will be crunchy...because you are probably burning it. I personally like ... Read More »