I get my wisdom teeth pulled out July 22nd. What should I expect.?

Answer I got my wisdom teeth pulled out about 5 years ago (I was 19 when I got them taken out). I'm gonna be honest with you, it's not the most pleasant experience that you will ever have, but it's not n... Read More »

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I am getting my impacted wisdom teeth pulled on the 24th. What should I expect?

Before... you'll be nervous as hell, during, you'll be fine, just tense.. and after... you'll drool all over yourself, swollow some blood (but this will be ok).. and your face will swell up like a ... Read More »

I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. What can I expect when I wake up?

As long as you have a prescription pain killer for the after shock (I had a prescribed med, forget which one, since I'm sensitive to pain), you'll be fine otherwise. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth ... Read More »

Wisdom teeth were pulled and haven't stopped bleeding. What should I do?

Drinking cold drinks is fine and the way you're rinsing with warm salt water is great. Warm moist tea bags will help with the bleeding, but a little bleeding is normal. It usually looks like a lot ... Read More »

Im going to disneyland the day before having my wisdom teeth pulled, anything i should be avoiding?

The dentist will tell you not to drink or eat a couple hours before the surgery.After the surgery I suggest you rest often and change bloody gaws often as well. You should avoid using a straw becau... Read More »