I get my period every full moon?

Answer You are destined to birth a werewolf.

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What Factors Prevent Total Lunar & Solar Eclipses From Occurring Every New & Full Moon?

Few heavenly events have inspired as much human fascination as lunar and solar eclipses. There are fully or partially documented eclipse observations by ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Irish ... Read More »

Should I Plant on a New Moon or Full Moon?

Gardening by the moon is an old idea, espoused by the ancient Romans and Greeks. These ancient peoples, along with many other groups throughout history, believed that the moon's cycle affects plant... Read More »

Period every 2 months and you are just wondering if it is possible for you to tell that you were pregnant before the next period comes?

Answer go to the doctors and have a blood test and you find out

How to Calculate the Full Moon?

The full moon is one of eight different phases the moon takes on each month. The full moon appears as "full" to people on Earth when the sun and the moon are on exact opposite sides of the earth. T... Read More »