I get monster migraines from computer or TV screens, what can I do?

Answer That amount of exposure should not really create this type of a problem, but here are things that you can do. First, make sure that your eyes have been checked recently. Eye strain can cause many p... Read More »

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FAQ on Computer LCD Screens?

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How to Have the Same Computer Image on Two Screens?

There are several reasons to want to connect more than one display to a single computer. Many of these require sending different data to each display--setting up multiple screens to increase the si... Read More »

Magnifying Computer Screens?

Computers have a number of different features and available accessories which will allow you to magnify what is on the screen, enhancing your reading and viewing experience. Magnification is acces... Read More »

Can you get replacement all in one computer screens?

Yes,but it will be expensive and not many companes do it. it's just as cheap to buy a new laptop