I get migraines almost every day. How can I get rid of them?

Answer For treating symptoms:Feverfew will help the pain, ginkgo biloba aids circulation and can reduce sensitivity to light and sound, peppermint will help with the nausea.At the onset:Take lecithin (bet... Read More »

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My contacts should be changed every 4 months. What if I wear them every other day?

You should change to some contacts that have been designed in the last decade and quit wearing those obsolete ones.

How to Win Chess Almost Every Time?

Mastering Chess doesn't just happen. You need to learn to be more protective of your pieces, and more aggressive over the opponent. But you can never be sure you will definitely win a match. Howeve... Read More »

How to Make (Almost) Every Date Great?

You and your bf/gf in a date rut? Or maybe your perfect date ideas are completely different? I can change that.

Why do I keep getting sore throats almost every day?

Go to your doctor. We can't really give you an answer it could be many different things.