I get little or no attention on facebook?

Answer Facebook is not for everybody. Some thrive on FB because they have friends who love to check FB and comment; others don't seem to get any response because their friends are simply not FB faithful.... Read More »

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Is everybody so attention hungry on facebook and social networks?

No, I don't think you're in compassionate about it. I was just scrolling through my newsfeed and found someone mocking it exactly like that, it was funny.But I believe people post it to see who rea... Read More »

Would you call the building attention by saying building attention or just attention?

A prepatory command such as building, company, group, battalion, etc. must preceed the command of exection. So you would say, "Company, Attention"

How to Get Attention?

If you wanted an article about how to go out into the street and act like an idiot to get people to gawk at you, you are in the wrong place. If, however, you want to know how to get men to stare at... Read More »

How to Get an Ex's Attention?

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