I get hungry every 4 hours. I'm worried. Is that bad?

Answer I get hungry every 4 hours as big deal just eat lol

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Why do I get hungry every couple of hours?

My dad' s a diabetic patient and 70 years old he is hungry after almost every 2-3 hours.?

First, make sure the starchy carbohydrates (rice, breads, grains, pasta) he eats are the less processed, wholer grain type--brown rice, wild rice, whole grain bread (the less milled, the better), w... Read More »

The swine flu death toll has jumped about 31% in the last past 12 hours. Am I the only one worried.?

No you're not, but worrying isn't only going to weaken your immune system.

Should I be real worried if I left the ceiling light on for about 3.5 hours too long for one night?

The small amount of extra light from the incandescent ceiling bulb will hardly be noticed by the plants. If anything, it probably filled in many wavelengths not present from the HPS lamps. I know... Read More »