I get headaches so regularly I'm getting worried....?

Answer Yes the idea of your body getting used to a drug is very possible. You definitely need to go see a doctor. But for now, try reading "The Headache Book" by frank Minirth of the Minirth Meyers Head... Read More »

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What is wrong with me Ive been getting serious headaches for about two years now and they are getting worse!?

I think there is problem with eyes.May be you need glasses.The same thing happened to me.

Are headaches normal when pregnant or should you be worried that they might be something else?

Answer Yes they are very common its just the hormones in your body. If they get bad enough talk to your doctor and see if he can help with giving you something for them!

Getting worried Help!?

Make an appointment to see either doctor asap. I would opt for OB/GYN due to the recent c-section but you need to be seen by any doctor that you can get the first appointment with.

I'm always getting headaches?

There could be many reasons. Stress, diet, hormones, tiredness, using your eyes too much, eyesight.Is there a particular time it happens? Certain foods I eat give me migraines.Get your eyes checked... Read More »