I get drunk too quickly, how can i stop this?

Answer Stop drinking so much so quickly.

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How do i stop being drunk?

Coors cutters? That's some hard stuff right there!I'd suggest some coffee, but you dont' drink it. So, Have an aspirin and a long nap. When you're up to it, get your kids to make you a play doh piz... Read More »

How to Stop Breastfeeding Quickly?

Eventually, all mothers who breast feed will reach the point where the time has come to end breastfeeding. Generally, this is a gradual process that will allow baby, mom and mom’s body a chance t... Read More »

How to Stop Being Hungry Quickly?

Still hungry? Didn't you just eat a couple of hours ago? Just follow these simple suggestions to keep from feeling hungry:

How to make sunburn stop hurting quickly?

Here is my suggestion:Get some aloe vera gel and put it into the fridge, when it's cold rub it onto your burn as often as you want. I always keep mine in the fridge, that way when ever you get a su... Read More »