I get crank calls on my Verizon land line from a person, name & # show up on caller ID. How can i report it?

Answer You can block the caller using *67 + the number you wish to block.If it is a serious pain in the neck or frightening you may report it to the police. I would advise doing this, as it seems they are... Read More »

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How to Change Outgoing Caller ID on a Land Line?

The outgoing caller ID alerts the person who you are calling. The name on the caller ID is usually associated with the name on the phone bill and is set by the phone company. If your name differs f... Read More »

I've been receiving 'crank calls' for over 5 years sometimes 5 times in a day the person will call and hang up?

It may be an automated signal (if it isn't a person).Try1) Getting privacy management (if it is available). Your phone will not ring until the caller leaves a message. Then when you answer, you hea... Read More »

How to Receive Land Line Calls on a Computer?

If you're tired of paying exorbitant fees for your land line but you still want to receive calls from friends and family, Voice Over Internet Protocol could be your answer. With VOIP, you can recei... Read More »

How can I stop sales calls on bt land line?