I get cramps on my leg when i drink alcohol is this a sign that im an alcoholic?

Answer 1) muscle cramping is a sign of dehydration2) 10 ounces is a little more than six shots. You may not be an alcoholic bit a binge drinker.3)shaving a good idea is to drink two glasses of water or u... Read More »

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If I drink alcohol and that makes me a alcoholic, if I drink fanta, does that make me fantastic?

That was an awesome question, dude. You put a smile on my face. Just what I needed! *chuckle*

What kind of alcoholic drinks should a person have if they never drink alcohol before?

Well, you're goal is to not become an alcoholic. If you want to drink socially and responsibley, then start with wine coolers. Then, Kalua is a social drink that is not supposed to be for getting... Read More »

Does the sugar content of an alcoholic drink change the effects of the alcohol in any way?

Sugar doesn't affect alcohol, but can obviously affect the drinker. Excess sugar can cause a tummy ache, making it easier for the drinker to get sick.

Are mild cramps like dull menstrual cramps on and off a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes. If they make you double over in pain or if you get a positive result and they are very painful and bleeding then you will want to go to the ER.