I get a weird feeling in my leg when I walk?

Answer Standing in one place for too long, without walking around, can cause circulation problems in the legs and cause swelling.It sounds as though your legs have swollen as a result of your standing in ... Read More »

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When I fall asleep I get this weird feeling?

That happened to me a lot a few years ago, and still happens less frequently now. I think that it has something to do with your nervous system, and your body is not as prepared as your mind to fall... Read More »

Is feeling weird when you are sitting down a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer Doesn't sound like one to me. Take a home test or go see a doctor if you think your pregnant.

You feeling pressure and pain inside your vagina when you walk and sit or sit up what could cause this pain?

Well, if you are pregnant, it is usually the baby's head pushing into your cervix. (I say that she is head butting me)I've been having the same problem for around 3 weeks now. A lot of times it fee... Read More »

Weird feeling in right eye...?

the best thing to do is get tears, it will drain it out. make your eyes water with something really really minty like toothpaste, or yawn or something, i SWEAR it works