I get a weird feeling in my leg when I walk?

Answer Standing in one place for too long, without walking around, can cause circulation problems in the legs and cause swelling.It sounds as though your legs have swollen as a result of your standing in ... Read More »

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Weird feeling in right eye...?

the best thing to do is get tears, it will drain it out. make your eyes water with something really really minty like toothpaste, or yawn or something, i SWEAR it works

Im feeling weird....please help!!!please!!?

For starters, I suggest you start eating three meals a day because when you only eat two meals a day your body thinks you are starving and collects all your fat and stores it away in preparation of... Read More »

Feeling weird after cavity filling?

It is a reaction of the body to the unnatural, shocking situation. I had the same thing.It should be getting to normal in one or two days. If it does not, see your dentist.Good luck!

Weird feeling in the corner of my eyes?

Top, most plausible to least See: InsomniaSee: DehydrationSee: Lack of electrolytesSee: StressSee: Withdrawal from drug(s)See: Foreign Object (dirt, small insect)See: Tumor See: Neurological nerve ... Read More »