I get 7-8 hours of sleep yet i'm still so tired through out the day... Narcolepsy?

Answer well woman... this is me, so i have to give a "me" answer...clearly this is due to insufficient orgasms of high enough intensity. a MANLY Man that binds you and then forces you to orgasm until the... Read More »

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8 hours sleep but still tired?

Teenagers need from 8-10 hours of sleep per day so perhaps you need that extra hour.

I keep falling asleep, even when i've had my full hours sleep and i keep getting tired?

Marwa,I think we all have off days sometimes. If you want an energizing exercise, or activity, go to and look up "john barnes myofascial unwinding." It's the 8:56 long video with the ... Read More »

Only gotten 12 hours of sleep for the past four days, don't feel tired something wrong with me?

Some people are known as "long sleepers" and some as "short sleepers." As the name suggests, short sleepers require less sleep than long sleepers. Here are some famous people who are or were short ... Read More »

Even if I sleep approximately 7-8 hours a night, I'm still tired in the morning What is wrong with me?

Make sure you are eating a good balanced, nurtritional diet. If you don't know what that would consist of, look up nutrtion online and read up on it.It woudn't be a bad idea to have a routine phys... Read More »