I gave my dad a birth control pill... Will that turn him into a girl?

Answer If he starts eating Chocolate a lot and watching "Sex And The City" reruns........YES

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Will half a birth control pill work?

On One Hand: It Can Be Helpful...The Mayo Clinic reports that birth control pills are packed with estrogen and progestin and are designed to be potent. Taking a pill every day of the month--mixed w... Read More »

When should I go off my birth control pill if I want to trick my bf into getting me pregnant?

When you get pregnant, just tell him that his sperm was just too awesome, and barreled through your cervix and hit it's target. This will boost his confidence/ego, and ease him into proposal.

Does the numbing injection that you get at the dentist for a filling decrease the effectiveness of the birth control pill?

Answer Asked the doctor, the numbing injection does not decrease effectiveness.

If your on the birth control pill and start bleeding lightly two weeks early does that mean you might be pregnant?

The following will cause bleeding when on birth control:* Break-through bleeding* Withdrawal bleeding* Pregnancy* UTI* Morning after pill* Recently stopping/starting BCP* Missed a pill(s)