I found this pill in my sons room?

Answer Sounds like ecstcy to me,they are very dangerous i'd get his *** in there to do some explaining!These pills can be leathal, many people have died through taking these. chick out these links for som... Read More »

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Found a pill in daughters room, what is it?

Imprint Code: 83225Drug/Strength/Manufacturer: Chlordiazepoxide Hydrochloride 25mg - Quality CareDescription: 832 Over 25 - CapsuleIts an anti-psychotic drug. She's probably using it as a down... Read More »

I found a pill in my daughters room it has a v on the front and 3598 on back its whit oval and is scored?

Ask a pharmacist to be sure. And unless your daughter is over 18, you have every right to be in her room.

Am taking Slim-quick diet pill you just found out you are pregnant will this harm fetus?

You shouldn't take any drugs early on in your pregnancy. Your should wait until the second or third month. Your baby is stronger at this stage.

What is this weird bug I found in my living room carpet?