I found this free give away website and I don't know if it works?

Answer I too, cannot access this supposed website but I found this relevant forum post: a facebook user describes their facebook account sending... Read More »

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I dont know what to do. i found this blood spot on my pants and when i went to the bathroom i saw more!!!!!?

Oh, you are fine.There's nothing to worry about. All girls get this. Its called a period, or menstruation in which your vagina sheds the lining of blood they use to cushion the egg when its fertili... Read More »

I wanna buy a USB sound card but i dont know how it works?

Without a link to the actual product I can only speculate in general terms. Generally speaking, no. In fact in order to play two songs separately it would have to be a USB dual sound card (that is ... Read More »

I found a camera dont know a lot about it?

It uses Pentax K-mount lenses and was also known as the Cosina Computer CT 7Here is a list of all the K-mount cameras made…The lens is probably a 50 mm len... Read More »

Anyone know how or what website i can use to make a free website? these help!